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New local addition to the bird of prey population

New addition nearby at Seacroft Cottage, a baby Buzzard sat in it’s nest with not a care in the world.  A few pictures taken in passing over the last few weeks showing it’s progression from chick.

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Minke Whale and Corncrake at Uig

Had a great day out from Seacroft today, we saw a Minke Whale at Kilt Rock and watched it surfacing close in for half an hour. Later the same day at Uig we heard a single Corncrake calling, it was close to Uig Wood strangely on the shore side of the wood, this was our first calling bird of the year.

Dolphins on Skye…

The Isle of Skye was great for dolphins this past month with reports of up to 80 seen at one time.  We had a few at Seacroft, a pod of four playing as shown in the picture from the bottom of our garden where I normally go fishing, about 40ft from the shore at one stage.

Dolphins at Seacroft

This morning we were having a cup of tea in the conservatory when we saw a pod of four dolphins swimming in Loch Snizort, they were playing and jumping out of the water. I walked down to lochside and got a photo of one on its way back out to sea.