Monthly Archives: March 2013

Rhubha Hunish

Rhubha Hunish the most northerly part of Skye is one of my favourite walks starting from Duntulm Castle. It’s not a long walk and you soon arrive at the top of the cliffs above the Hunish with spectacular views all the way round.  This is a good location to spot Whales, Dolphins, etc. also you can scramble down the cliffs onto the Humish itself and explore the coastline.

Kilt Rock

  Kilt Rock on the Isle of Skye is a sea cliff in the shape of a kilt with vertical columns of basalt. There are panoramic views out to Rassay and we have spotted Minke Whale here too.

Dun Beag broch

Dun Beag broch is the most intact broch on the Isle of Skye probably dating back a few hundred years BC. The views from the broch over Loch Bracadale are very good, it is worth walking a few hundred metres inland to higher ground and get a photo of the broch with Loch Bracadale in the background.